Lay The Truth On The Table

There’s a reason why I don’t defend what every social justice public figure says, or democratic liberals, etc…

I research everything they post that peaks my interest and they lie just like conservative republicans, but they lie less. Which means they still keep to an agenda for personal gain instead of the truth for the people.

You lose almost all my support when you do that, because it lets me know that you aren’t there to really help people with truth, you’re their to help people become sheep. They’ll be happy, but it’s a false sense of reality, truthfully.

For example, the above picture’s title is completely false. There is a story going around on social media about two black guys named Alize Ramon Smith (aka, Gutta Twin) & Jarron Moreland (aka, 400) both 21; they were brutally murdered (not as a public spectacle for intimidation) last month by two (with accomplices) white boys in a white minivan, in a grocery store parking lot. Their names — Kevin Don Garcia-Boettler (22), Johnny Shane Barker (43), and a 16-year-old they haven’t released the name of because of his age.

What happened to these two black men is horrifying and fucked up, but it was not a lynching. What actually happened to them; they got inside of the van, the white guys panicked because they heard “racking” noises, like Ramon or Moreland was about to shoot them, they pulled the gun out and started shooting. Four shots or more killed them both. They (Kevin & the 16 year old) took their bodies to a family member’s house (Johnny), then they put them in a trailer, attached cinder blocks to them, probably mutilated their faces so they won’t be recognized, then dropped them in the pond they drove to. That doesn’t sound like a lynching at all. A lynching is done in public, by a mob of people, and the ending result is usually hanging, if it isn’t by hanging, then it is by tarring, shot repeatedly, burned alive, and sometimes tortured as well, with body parts sometimes cut off and kept as souvenirs (yes, white people did that shit). The main factor in all of it, was that they photographed it and those were used as postcards for white racists to take home. I bet money that some baby-boomers still got those and have past them down to the next generation.

This is lynching, but why did Shaun King say this?

Now this isn’t to throw Shaun under the bus or anything, because I support him, I just don’t support everything that comes out of his head. I think he reacted to this story emotionally, which is okay, but if you are going to report this to the people, then as a journalist you should always consider logic over emotion and to be sure of the words you are using.

Don’t fucking lie to me, please. I’m an individual that likes to think for myself, but if I were to rely on somebody for information and to think for me, then please do so the right way.

If you really wanna talk about “modern day lynching,” then parallel that to what the police have been doing to black people. That’s a public spectacle right there to accurately portray it as a lynching, not this story. This story was just two dumb ass white guys that killed two black guys that were trying to sell a weapon.

Reference for story here.

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