Black People Are Mad Because They Don’t Accept Other Black People

In the black community, no black woman checkin’ for a nigga like Gambino, because he’s considered “weird.” They are the type of black kids growing up that other black people make fun of and tell them they ain’t black for talking or being a certain way that’s uncommon to black folks usual, everyday routine. I’ve been told this a few times growing up because of my skin color and because of the way I talk, which is, by how black people ignorantly perceive as: talking/acting “white.”

White women are more liberal to these type of men because it is perceive as a “white thing.” Not to all white women, obviously, but they are more open to different behavior.

Black people seem to have a knack for disowning other black people that lean in the direction that likes white culture music like Korn, Godsmack, Alter Bridge, the old Linkin Park, not the new one (you would know if you knew) etc., they never accept us for who we are and what we like. If you’re lightskin black like me, then you get away with it slightly, because it’s “expected” through common stereotypes of lightskin black men.

It’s expected that black people would wonder why he’s with a white woman, but they never ask how did he get to that point.

You’re mad because you’re a bigot, not because you’re right. So let’s face it, the only reason why y’all black men and women are coming for him is because of how much of a fuckin’ bigot you are. Y’all don’t like when black people are different, y’all want them to fit the common stereotypical mold, based on your preconceived false perceptions of reality. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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5 thoughts on “Black People Are Mad Because They Don’t Accept Other Black People

    1. That is the worst pet peeve of mine!!! It burns me up that black ppl have told me that I “talk white,” as if it’s against black rules to have a broad vocabulary.

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      1. Yup, I have gotten that for as long as I can remember. One time in Middle School, a black kid told me “you can’t say ‘nigga’ ’cause you a white boy!” Not knowing that I have a whole black father at home lol. Ignorance has no bounds.

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  1. I dont know how many times I’ve had this conversation recently about being considered “weird” but yet people cant seem to leave me alone. Im this and that but yet you are so intrigued by my weirdness. I have heard i talk white so much I’m over it and just responded by telling people yea and I talk rainbow sometimes too and i talk pink when I’m really happy Lol. I love “weird” people. I feel like were the only ones willing to step outside the box and reach closer to who we really are. Like dude I’m not weird I’m just ME and thats DIFFERENT than you. People use the wrong words out of their own ignorance so they dont really have the right words to even explain what they are really Trying to say. I honestly feel like people sometimes call me weird because they are envious of me being closer to my true self and not what society and the community has told me i should be……Butttt anyway let me stop ranting. I love this post and PS yessss All us “weirdos” miss the old linkin park 😞😞😞

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