Chris Brown’s Dark Cloud

Chris Brown has a dark cloud hovering over him since that Rihanna situation — you know, the one where Rihanna kept hitting CB in the arm and face while he was driving when they had an argument, and drunk at the same time? The shit that people won’t mention? Nobody seems to point any fingers at Rihanna simply because she’s a woman and he took it further than her, nevertheless both were in the wrong and to try and compare the suffering of both is to be unintelligent and tunneled. CB & Rhi had one of those domestic violent relationships and the “violent” part went both ways. They weren’t compatible.

One thing I will say is that women (not all, duh) know how to hide their destructive ways in the form of seduction. Rihanna is one of those women. You don’t go get into it with a man like that, then claim that you’re a “masochist” in your songs! If you don’t know that word, look it up. Either way, the shit was almost 10 years ago and a lot of y’all seem to want y’all past to be dead, but somehow want a celebrity’s past to always be present, as if a person will never change their ways.

These recent photos of the woman Chris is “choking” is laughing in a lot of the photos (which people seem to exclude with the others for every post I’ve seen, strange? I think not), but then the other photos can be misleading without the laughing ones.

Women have already written CB off and labeled him what he is to them already: abuser. Without being inclined to change their minds whatsoever. If you’re that woman, then I need you to do some self-analyzing and realize that you’re probably a sexist more so than a “social justice warrior.”

I’ve been seeing this shit go on for years. You people are waiting for him to slip up; anything y’all find that’s even remotely close to physical force, domestic violence, etc., y’all want to make sure that label sticks to him. I understand that when someone does something really bad, the image of that seems to never fade, but if we as a whole can’t move forward from the bad choices we’ve made, then for every bad choice you made in the past, make sure to keep demonizing yourself for that as well.


Chris Brown isn’t the same person he was 10 years ago, and if you think he is just because TMZ got unsolicited photos of him and his drunk lady friends, then you are very much so an idiot. You’d fall for anything the media gives you without using your fuckin’ brain.

If I just so happen to be wrong about all of this, then I’ll admit it, but from what I’ve been seeing, not one thing has come out about him that makes me want to blow the shit out of proportion like the rest of you selective-outrage asses have been doing.

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