Your Conscious Reality

“What you think, you become.”

The quoted mantra above is how you control your conscious reality. I’m not saying that Free Will doesn’t exist, but I am saying that we don’t have full control of this meat-vehicle we possess, or the brain’s subconscious.

Planting seeds in your subconscious, constantly; will help control your conscious reality and what you want in and out of it. As you go forward in life, you’ll start to understand how your entire life is based on what thoughts you want planted at the foundation (subconscious) of your brain.

You pick up a lot of bad habits, that you know you don’t like because your body is telling you that you don’t like it, but your mind is gaining pleasure for consuming that bad thing for your body. You’ll go on the defense and say “I’m going to die anyway,” but not realize that it’s a copout (a seed) you are planting in your brain to make you addicted to that bad thing.

This concept applies to anything in life, but I’m going to use cigarettes as an example. If you are addicted to cigarettes, the nicotine and the other thousands (4,000 to estimate) of chemicals that are in the cigarette; you don’t have to put down the cigarette right away if you are planning on quitting. You can just constantly tell yourself, verbally and mentally, that you do not like the smell, taste, look, and thought of a cigarette. You tell yourself that it’s bad for you and it’s going to hinder you from the things you plan to do with your life.

If you think that cigarettes will be a part of your life, but you are indecisive about if they are good or bad for your path of life, then make a decision and stick with it, no need to feel guilty for smoking them either. It’s your life and you choose.

When you wake up the next day, what is the first thing that is on your mind? Your desires, your fears, your habits, your plans. The routine is ever so easy when you are not thinking about every action and every moment of your life. There are moments in your life right now, that you don’t remember at all, but somehow it’s there in your brain, growing and shifting in and out of your subconscious.

In order for you to create a future you must envision it, no matter how far or crazy it is. Just make sure to always keep it within the boundaries of the physical reality. You have a brain to trick itself into creating a reality that you are comfortable with.

I thought about this today because of a video that I watched by Anil Seth, on controlled hallucinations and the consciousness. How we perceive reality when we feed the brain certain sounds, thoughts, etc… It is important to creating a better life for yourself and those around you.

Think wisely.

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One thought on “Your Conscious Reality

  1. Mathis Wellz I love this! Son. This is very insightful, intellectual, and challenging.. on understanding the brain and body. I can relate to this a lot.. with O.C.D. “mind stuff” and “matter stuff” “I think therefore I am” the brain complexity.. The cerebellum, the neurons what’s all inside that brain of ours. Your view on perception of consciousness and subconscious is very interesting and more mysterious then we know.. where your brain processes sensory information that signals and enter through receptors flowing into the brain from the world. that, can trigger emotions and thoughts.. Our brains are Very complex. and I’m still working on mine. So plant your seeds.. Mom


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