Dopamine & Narcissism Through Social Media

Ever since social media has become more of a dominating factor in our lives, I’ve noticed something about a lot of us, we are very narcissistic. We take billions of pictures of ourselves and post them online to show people what we look like so we can get gratification (likes) for being attractive or interactive with the social media community. Everything is instantaneous nowadays. Instant ability to do almost anything you can imagine just with a cellphone or computer.

Statistically, women use social media more than men, which also means that they are first in line of being the biggest narcissists on social media. They will make videos of themselves just listening to music after they got their nails and hair done and just lip syncing the music in the background, playing in their hair. Without all of their “thirsty men,” they are simply nothing at all if nobody cared about how they looked, and that’s the flaw in their logic on how men want them, but really looking at it from a distance, they crave that attention and love it. Prime example of narcissism. Denial plays a major role in this also.

Men are the same way too, especially the men that have muscular bodies or are well endowed, they crave the attention to be that male model and sex symbol that women want to flock to. It’s a classic case of narcissism and borderline megalomania.

We are all narcissists in some shape or form on social media. A percentage of us also have major self-esteem issues too, so we use social media to gain that instant gratification from strangers on how beautiful they are, but in the inside, they feel like the ugliest person in the world and it’s sad.

We have bridged the gap in the biggest communication hole we’ve had on this planet, ever, period: cellphones and the internet. We are in the age of the greatest generation one could have ever witnessed. We have cultivated and achieved something that was only a mere dream and fantasy, to have a conversation with someone you possibly would never meet in person, but still learn from that person(s) lifestyle, beliefs, the journey of the individuals. We have become complacent with what we’ve been given.

The egotistical behaviors has skyrocketed for the plurals and millennials, that it has become a major issue in this whole experience in the pursuit to learn from each other and grow. The cognitive suppression of these groups of individuals, coincides with the severity of ignorance of society on the highest level. I’m not just speaking on the ignorance of obtaining knowledge either. I’m talking about the ignorance of not caring, an innate emotion we are all born with. We’ve become so desensitized.

We are so used to talking to each other at a distance than we are in person. It has become so alarming, that you’ll see two people in the same room, talking to each other through their cellphones instead of actually talking to each other. It’s like the Matrix movie, only, without physical facial expressions from the person. Like a post-apocalyptic era in modern day society, and everyone are zombies mentally, but the few.

Technology has become so anthropomorphized, it is as though, that it’s a living, breathing, entity that has taken a hold of everyone’s minds and hearts, formed their psyche into a direct, non-caring person, that’s always right. But, despite the decline in physical human interactions, we have moved forward in the development of technological advances. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not that’s a good thing or bad thing as we venture towards the future.

I wonder how this affects all of us psychologically and from a sociological perspective also. I wonder how this is going to pan out in the next 40-60 years. Time will only tell. Time for me to check my Facebook.

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One thought on “Dopamine & Narcissism Through Social Media

  1. This post hits home for me in more ways than one. I can honestly agree with so much of this. I wish I could sit here and say that no you’re wrong but I’d be lying to say that I’m not guilty of some of these not so favorable traits. And what pisses me off even more is that I’m well aware of it. Is like a bad habit that you know you need to shake. That’s one of the many reasons why for my last year of school I stayed off of Facebook. One day I looked at it and it was just, idk what to say but it wasn’t “Real” to me anymore. None of it really mattered or could compare to the other things, the real things that were going on in my life yet here I was a daily FB user as if the shit was a religion. It was slightly sickening. The amount of time invested in to social media. But now don’t get me wrong I’m all for the advancements that technology has made. Being a person who has truly witnessed how the internet evolved from those days of dial up and phones with long ass annoy ALWAYS tangled cords!!! But somewhere along the way the advancements took a turn in the wrong direction.
    Everything is truly so instant now that nothing holds value. The wait, the work, the excitement leading up to it…the flare it’s been muffled…..It makes a lot of things in life so lack luster. I can remember writing letters to people and actually utilizing a mailbox. As much as I hated the wait it was a bitter sweet feeling of checking the mail to see if it finally came! Now shit is there in 10 seconds. I think that’s also why people don’t put as much….hmm what’s the right word…..people don’t put as much “effort “ into the things they say because they can talk to you all day. No need for meaningful conversation when I can text you whenever wherever. And who needs words when we have emojis and GIFs…..Praise the Internet Gods!!!! Lol, but I appreciate some of the doors technology has opened. Being able to talk to my family from all over the place. The good old cliché of everything has its Pros and cons. I guess at the end of the day it really comes down to the person and how they choose to use the tools set in front of them…. Can’t blame the internet when no one is being “forced” to use it the way they do……Every one isn’t strong-minded enough to handle the terms and conditions set forth, that’s why they always skip right through and click on that Accept button.

    I could say so much more but id be at this all day pouring my thoughts out.
    Love the Blog tho!!! Thank you!

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